Ulcerative Colitis Reversed | The Role of Cabbage Juice

When I finally decided to start trying to heal from Ulcerative Colitis through nutrition, the first thing I tried was drinking 32 oz of cabbage juice for 30 days. I was in a two month flare when I started juicing the cabbage, and by day 3 the flare ended and I had my first soft formed stool in months, albeit still bloody. A few years later I stumbled across Dr. Garnett Cheney’s research on the incredible ulcer healing properties that cabbage juice has, and my experience started to make sense. Since then, I have gone on to completely heal from UC, but my interest in the ulcer healing compounds of cabbage juice is just beginning to peak.

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This video is where I first learned about cabbage juice and the impact it can have on UC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ooU68vTLwrQ&t=248s

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