Superstars Jay Kordich and Jason Vale hosted by Juice Guru Steve Prussack

For the first time, the Father of Juicing Jay Kordich and the Juice Master Jason Vale are interviewed about the juicing movement. You won’t want to miss this.


You’ll find out:
* How to Overcome Disease through the Power of Juicing
* Blending Vs. Juicing: What is the Difference?
* How Much Should You Be Juicing?
* Are Juice Fasts Safe and Effective?
and Much More!

At 91 years old, Jay Kordich is truly the Father of Juicing. He caused a worldwide movement that continues to this day thanks to his hugely successful TV programs in the early 90s….he’s dedicated his life to teaching people about the benefits of juicing. He’s the NY Times bestselling author of “The Juiceman’s Power of Juicing”. His wife, Linda has played a significant role in the success of Jay. Co-author of their most recent book “Live Food, Live Bodies”, Linda has been working around the clock to also spread the message of juicing to hundreds of thousands worldwide.

Juice Master Jason Vale has been described as the “UK’s Anthony Robbins” and the “Jamie Oliver of the health and juicing world”. He is the author of several bestselling books including 7lbs In 7 days Super Juice Diet which hit the number one best-selling spot on Amazon. He is the producer of a brand-new documentary “SuperJuiceMe!” and we’ll hear all about that and more…right after this, we’ll be joined by Juice Master Jason Vale.


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