Orange & Carrot Juice? / FSA SL-K Update // Great Info Below

The FSA Calipers seem to be working well and I’ll finish aligning the Pads. The shim stock seems to have worked.

A Viewer asked the question about Oranges and Carrot Juice. I wouldn’t tell someone not to but acid reflux has been reported; This article addresses eating whole fruits. I always mix some Apple and Fruit into my Cocktail. Beets are hard to find in my area, I know the larger Grocery Stores have them but not Locally. They aren’t a Spanish “thing”. You can’t go to Poland without seeing them, many Countries traditionally depended on root vegetables because of the short Growing Season. Of course today you can eat fresh Spanish Tomatoes year around in Warsaw.

Orange and Carrot Cocktail with other ingredients like Apple and Ginger sounds most beneficial and refreshing; I use beets rarely but I tolerate them. They are rich in iron, most beneficial for the red blood corpuscles. I’ve avoided beets in the past, I traditionally cooked on iron skillets providing the trace element. That’s no longer the case.

Many Medications do not mix well with Orange and especially Grapefruit Juice, you may need to Consult your Physician;

Today’s Featured Location is Valencia.

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