My Daughter Shopping, Cooking and Juicing

My Daughter Shopping, Cooking and Juicing

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About me-

Hello! My name is Simone. Welcome to my channel. Uploads are every Wednesday at 6pm GMT.

The main reason for starting this channel was to reach women who like myself, wanted a natural birth & ended up with an emergency C-section. I wanted a VBAC & wasn’t sure where to look for information & how to prepare myself, mentally, physically and spiritually & to rid myself of the fear of hospitals after such an horrendous experience with my first child.

After years of research and healing, I had the most beautiful VBAC at home without any drugs. I would like to share my experience, the books I used, useful websites and tips.

The channel will talk about pregnancy and baby from- bump updates (I’m pregnant), inexpensive maternity clothes, preparing for the birth, birth plans, home birth vs emergency c section, hospital vs home (my experiences), dealing with breastfeeding after a c section, useful aids for breastfeeding, co-sleeping, attachment parenting weaning…the list is endless.

There may be some family vlogs and other types of videos too.


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