Last week I tried out the Snake Diet which is all about living a fasting focused lifestyle. Over the week I tried both wet and dry fasting, ate a few meals, and didn’t exercise.

I never thought about integrating fasting into my lifestyle until I came across Cole Robinson of the Snake Diet. He promotes a fasting focused lifestyle to promote a healthy body. In addition to slimming down, I am currently working through some health problems by following Cole’s protocols. When I beat the health problems, I will share with you what they were and all about the process.

But for now, how did I lose 7 pounds in one week? Here was my routine:

Starting Weight: 133.5 pounds (60.6 kg)
Ending Weight: 122.6 pounds (55.6 kg)
Height: 5’6.5″

Day 1 – Snake Juice
Day 2 – Snake Juice
Day 2 (night) – Low Carb Meal
Day 3 – Dry Fast
Day 4 – Dry Fast
Day 5 – 2 Low Carb Meals + Fruit (to hydrate)
Day 6 – Dry Fast
Day 7 – Dry Fast (hit my 122.6 pounds this day)
Day 8 – Dry Fast

You don’t have to go as intense as I did. You can do a full 7 days on Snake Juice (Water + Salt + Potassium) and lose on average 1 pound per day. If you want to kick it up a bit more, you can include some light to moderate exercise in there too, but just follow your body.

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