Kuvings HealthFriend Smart Juicer MOTIV1

Smart Up, Motiv one! Kuvings Motiv1 We invite you to the world of health.
Here you go!
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It is not merely a machine but a coach, partner and friend which helps you manage your health through juicing. This new evolution in juicing is your own customized personal trainer which gives you control over your health.

1. Body Type Analysis Checking 7 types of body composition
Installed in the juicer is a body composition analyzer. You download the IoT HealthFriend app and measure 7 types of composition in your body.
Body Fat (kg), Body Fat Ratio (%), Muscle Mass (kg), Body Water (%), Minerals Mass (%), Body Mass Index (BMI), Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR kcal)

2. Provide 1:1 customized recipes Specific for your body composition.
Get suggested customized recipes for your body composition according to your body type analysis. The first step to starting a healthy life style is to improve yourself by checking the progress of your body and executing balanced diet and proper exercise.

3. Kuvings MOTIV1 is Your Own Health Coach. Learn correct postures and exercise
Incorrect postures can cause injury. Select the proper level based on your health condition. HealthFriend Smart Juicer’s health coach provides you video clips according to your places and muscle part to be exercised, for example stretching, aerobic exercise, core, outdoor exercise and etc.

HealthFriend Smart Juicer MOTIV1, Our dedication to create a Premium Juicer.

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