Juicing Talk Meet Up with Raw Rebellion and Raw Food City in Boston, MA!

Todd and I traveled with the kids to Natick, MA to give our first live talk on our Juicing and Wellness Journey at the HearMeRaw Vegan Potluck. Bobby Bunz from Raw Food City came down from Staten Island, NY to give his first live talk too. It was a great time. I loved meeting our Juicing Friends for the first time! A big thank you to Nik for inviting us!

HearMeRaw Vegan Potluck @raw__rebellion

Next Juicing Momma 10 Day Challenge starts on May 5th!

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Juicing Momma Facebook Group is AMAZING support and love! We host monthly 10 Day Juice Feast Challenges, as well as supporting our Extended and Going the Distance Feasters on their journey to wellness! I’d love to have you join us no matter where you are at on your journey.

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Juicing Momma Phase Two! Facebook Group for Plant Based Eating

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Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. These are strictly my opinions from my own research on juicing.😊


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