I Drank CELERY JUICE every morning For 3 WEEKS & THIS was my experience.

Time Stamps to help you watch this as QUICKLY as possible. I get it.

1-2:30 : PROS of Celery Juicing
2:37: CONS of Celery Juicing
4:42: Warning about tons of bathroom use
5:27: Rules for the Celery Juice Cleanse
7:23: Will I Continue doing it?
8:14: Day 1
9:08: Day 2
10:32: Day 3
12:56: Skin Purging
13:33: Day 4
14:13: Day 5
14:32: Day 6
15:28: Day 7
16:49: Day 8
17:45: Day 12
18:41: Day 16
19:36: Day 19
20:49: Day 21

I am NOT a doctor, so please consult your doctor before doing this, if you have any health issues or concerns.

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