How To Do A Juice Fast: Why You Need To Do One!

In order to thrive on raw foods we must first cleanse the bowels. Old fecal matter and mucoid plaque impacted in the GI tract can interfere with the successful transition to a healthier diet and lifestyle. The average person has 12 to 15 meals of waste inside their intestines at any given time weighing up to 25 to 30 pounds.

The simplest and most effective way to clean the bowels is to do a juice fast. Now don’t get me wrong, juice fasting is not easy, but neither is sickness, degeneration, weak organs and chronic illness. If you invest in your health now by transitioning to a healthy raw food diet you are investing in your future. You are insuring a high quality of life well into old age.

Don’t be afraid of cleansing symptoms, weight loss or nutrient deficiencies because the body is intelligent and knows how to naturally cleanse when we get out of our own way. A juice fast is a shortcut to detoxification and well worth the time and effort!


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