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Hazardous Hot Wings VS Juiced BoxHi Kids! Watch this Battle Bites English Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs Collection from Kids Channel! We hope you enjoy watching this cartoon for kids as much as we did making it for you!

We have a nursery rhyme, song, video or game for every occasion here at Kids baby club. With home to many cartoon 2D and 3D characters, we are a preschooler’s best friend. A school away from school we make our videos not just to please the toddler but also to educate him/her with new concepts, skills, and ideas. We take kindergarten a step further with an in-depth understanding of a preschoolers comprehension, cognitive development, motor skills, language acquisition, executive functions, self-concept, identity development and moral values.

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Battle Bites Video English Nursery Rhymes & 3D Kindergarten Songs Collection for kids, The best baby songs compilation and lots more of your favourite kids song by KBC! Kids Baby Club is a series of 3D animated nursery rhymes made specifically for young children and toddlers, ages 1 – 10. We hope you enjoy this 3D cartoon nursery rhymes collection!

Battle Bites Video and Kids songs in 3D – your favourite nursery rhymes and baby songs collection by Kids Baby Club.

Kids Baby Club. is a one stop shop for preschoolers to engage in a fun 3D animated learning experience. The main focus of this channel is to help teach your little ones about the basics:

1. Rhymes for Children (Logic, music)
2. Shapes
3. Colours
4. Numbers
5. Letters / Phonics
6. Fables and original stories
7. Lullabies

…. and much much more! New content is uploaded weekly. We hope you like our content but are always happy to hear from you on how we can improve and what you’d like to see in the pipeline! You can contact us through the various social media channels listed below.

Kidsfirst is an edutainment app brought to you by the makers of Ben the train, crayon crew, KBC gang, TuRuRaLa, Road Rangers, Littler Red Car, Bob the Train, Farmees, Kids Channel, Dan the Monster truck, Haunted House Monster Truck, Schoolies and many more of the preschool content you kids enjoy. So if you can’t get enough of our videos, download the app now for unlimited fun and playschool learning!

Music and Lyrics: Copyright USP Studios™
Video: Copyright USP Studios™


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