Cucumber Juicing with Imarflex Torque Slow Juicer – Mejo Fail [Taglish]

This is mainly a review of the Imarflex Torque juicer with cucumber. I’m following Anthony William’s , aka Medical Medium’s protocol on Thyroid Healing

His protocol isn’t that popular yet in the Philippines but I’m now hearing about Filipinos who have tried his celery juice protocol.

Please note that prior juicing the cucumber, I made celery juice with it. Please watch the whole video to know more about my review.

This is thee-book link from Kindle:

I think you might like this book – “Medical Medium Thyroid Healing” by Anthony William.

Start reading it for free:

I’m into natural treatment of papillary thyroid cancer. In 2013, I was diagnosed and they found 3 tumors. I have tried a number of alternative medicines like Chinese medicine, Usana protocol and changes in diet. These have helped shrink/ dissolve 2 tumors but there’s still one big tumor that I’m trying to cure through holistic treatment. I am now trying out Medical Medium’s protocol. I will provide you an update on how I go so please consider subscribing to my channel if you’re interested. Please also let me know if you don’t understand Tagalog and I will create English videos going forward. Thanks!

Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor and I do not give medical advice. I am just sharing my personal experiences. Please consult a doctor or a medical professional for questions about your health.

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