Champion Juicer Green Juice & Banana Ice Cream Review Video

John from demonstrates the Champion 2000+ Commercial Juicer. In this episode, John will unbox the 60th anniversary champion 2000+ juicer and share with you all the features and parts of the machine. He will also share his opinions on the champion juicer.

Next John will demonstrate making a green juice with the champion juicer that includes carrots, celery and romaine lettuce.

Finally, John will make a frozen fruit sorbet aka Banana Ice Cream made out of 100% frozen fruit. He will show you how easily you can make this healthy, natural and delicious dessert in your champion juicer using the homogenizing blank plate.

After watching this episode, you will be more familiar with the champion juicer and know how to assemble, how it works and how to make juice and homogenize with the champion juicer.

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