Best Juicer for Juicing Dandelion Root & Medicinal Herbs

John from shows you the best juicer for juicing dandelion root and other medicinal herbs that gets a high yield and is easy to use and clean.

In this episode, John juices a pound of fresh dandelion root harvested from his garden and shares with you why he prefers the Omega NC800 juicer for juicing dandelion as well as other herbs, sprouts, wheatgrass and microgreens.

You will discover the yield of juicing dandelion roots and how much pulp is created in the juice. You will also discover how effective the juicer is by seeing the dryness of the pulp after juicing.

After watching this review, you will learn one about one of the best juicers for juicing dandelion roots as well as other herbs and why.

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