When Things Go Wrong On A Raw Vegan Diet

I was panicking inside when I developed chronic headaches that would not go away! For months I struggled to find answers as to why i was experiencing painful stabbing, migraine-like headaches that seemed to develop out of nowhere. I’ve never had a headache in my life so why, at one and a half years on a raw vegan diet, had I developed chronic headaches?

I became very afraid. I was having a health crisis! What do I do? Do I have to start eating cooked food again? Are my headaches caused from a raw vegan diet? Was I becoming deficient in Vitamin B12? Was I becoming deficient in protein? Should I go to the doctor? These questions plagued me day in and day out until finally I reached a breaking point! 😫 👈 I couldn’t take it anymore! How was I going to solve the mystery of these chronic headaches?

Thats when I started eliminating foods out of my diet! I started to suspect bananas could be causing these headaches but why? In my research I came across an article that talked about people taking enzyme inhibitors could experience headaches from eating bananas. This was caused by an excess of an amino acid called Tyramine. It just so happens that my favorite morning smoothie was bananas and raw cacao. Cacao happens to act as an enzyme inhibitor that blocks the breakdown of Tyramine in the body! I finally figured it out!

After six months of research I finally had the breakthrough I was looking for! I was having tyramine headaches! The moral of the story: Don’t give up on a raw vegan diet! I didn’t go to the doctor! I didn’t go back to cooked food! I didn’t have to give up a raw vegan diet because it was deficient in nutrients and protein. When we are facing a raw vegan health crisis we can easily blame the diet! But the answer is always the same, trust mother nature and trust yourself! There is always a solution if we stick to our species specific diet of fruits, greens, nuts and seeds.

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