Vegan's "Beasting"

The “Beasting” is an initiation tradition taken from the UK TG’s. The initiate has to fight continuously for multiple rounds, every minute facing a fresh Dog Brother (aka ‘a Beast’).

The ‘Beast line’ should be composed of seasoned fighter, any one of them has the capacity to end your day. The purpose is to push rather than break, after 4 or 5 minutes the initiate is usually exhausted and battered. At this point it’s all about balls and determination.

You don’t go into a Beasting to win, but to survive.

Congrats to “Vegan Dog” for a fabulous Beasting!

the ‘Beasts’ were:
Denis “OM Dog”
Ivan “Kuma Dog”
Kai “WoodsDog”
Peter “Grumpy Dog”
Bebbo “c- Nuragic Dog”
“Dog” Fabi


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