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Recipe is in the description below : )
I love sharing these easy vegan recipes for beginners. This tofu ravioli almond cheese recipe is one of many flavorful tofu recipes. Tofu dose not have to be boring as many think and I have proven it with this flavorful tofu recipes 🙂
I have shared my cashew ricotta cheese recipe in the past, the best ever cashew ricotta cheese recipe 😉 the best ever almond ricotta cheese recipe is the same ingredients. That easy. I will add the recipe video with this one. Hope you enjoyed this Vegan Tofu Recipes Tasty Delicious Almond Cream Cheese and Sauce Recipe!
Please let me know how you like these easy vegan recipes beginners style, vegan cooking videos 🙂 I look forward to hearing from you and I look forward to bringing you more healthy food ideas, as we are all on this beautiful journey together.
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With Much Love & Light 🙂 Marlies

0:00 Start
1:30 Let’s get to cooking 🙂
4:10 Let’s bread the tofu
5:20 Mix Almond cheese and spinach
5:55 Let’s stack and get ready for the oven
7:25 Dinner is served


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