This is an illustrated video I made on the claim that a vegan diet AKA a plant based diet is restrictive. I look at USDA data and use a nominal caloric threshold to determine which foods are widely eaten in the average meat eaters diet in America. Anyone smart enough to realise that there are other foods available for consumption outside of the list made by the USDA, should also be smart enough to realise that those foods would almost definitely all be lower than the nominal threshold used in this video and therefore are not relevant. Anyone who thinks that it’s unfair that I lumped all flesh products into one category does not understand the categorisation properly. Different “cuts” of flesh, for example sirloin VS kidneys are just different bits of flesh from the exact same animal, in the same way beet greens are different parts of the plant to beetroot and broccoli sprouts are different to broccoli but I have only included both once for this reason. The distinction pig flesh VS cow flesh is just the distinction of the same flesh from different species of animal, which is equivalent to different cultivars of potatoes, for example Violetta, Russet and new potatoes and I would argue that the different types of potato, rice or lentil are more distinguishable from one another in terms of appearance and taste than most types of flesh, for example an isolated piece of cow flesh VS a piece of pig flesh. This excludes fish flesh which is obviously easily discerned, primarily by it’s vile odour. In which case, feel free to add another food to the list but the result is still the same.

These kinds of videos take a long time to make, in this case 8 hours, so I hope you appreciate it and share it.

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