Vegan Chats – the simple basics

Hi everyone my name is Daniel and I am here to teach you guys how to live a vegan lifestyle, 💪vegan fitness lifestyle all on the same channel so make sure you guys subscribe and press the bell icon because a lots gonna come your way. Stay Tuned.

So In today’s video we are going to be talking about –
1. What is the meaning of a vegan?
2. What is a vegan diet all about?
3. What kind of Vegan alternative foods are there?
4. What inspired me ?
5. Who I am?
6. What is the game changer?
7. Do carbs make you fat?

The Game Changers Link –


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Credits For All Images Used –

Lilly Banse for Eat Animal products –

Naku Mayo for Wears animal products

Eiliv-Sonas Aceron for Dairy/Milk –

Rebekah Howell for Eggs –

Nicolás Perondi for Cheese-

Anna Pelzer for Vegan bowl –

Victoria Shes for Non veg Diet –

Youjeen Cho for Carbs –

Syed Hussaini for Bananas –

Disclaimer – I am not a licensed practitioner of dietetics and nutrition and do not provide dietetics or nutrition counseling. I provide customized fitness programs based on my personal experiences. Your personal results may vary. I strongly encourage anyone intending to begin a new exercise or diet program to first consult a physician. I explicitly disclaim any and all liabilities that may result from following my program recommendations.


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