The Vegan Diet: 7 Critical Nutrients Every Vegan NEEDS

The Vegan Diet; non-vegans claim it’s unhealthy and vegans claim it’s the epitome of health. Discover in this video the truth!

A well-balanced vegan diet is known for it’s beneficial effects on your health. However, a common mistake people make when they go vegan is that they assume that they will become healthier just because they eat vegan foods. To be fair, vegan foods are in general healthier than regular foods. Though, sometimes the term healthy is misused, because not all healthy foods are nutrient-rich. For example, some people claim they can live on 10 bananas every day, but this is not healthy; they’re missing out on a lot of nutrients. I’m sure you may have heard of some people who live perfectly fine on a banana only diet and prove my example wrong. But hopefully you can reason well enough that these are exceptions to the rule and should definitely not be used as example on how to live on a well-balanced vegan diet. So there are 7 critical nutrients you need when you’re on a plant-based diet. We’ll go over each one of them, so you will have a clear idea on how to get them through your diet!

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