A healthy diet is a must and the right foundation.

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The creatine I was talking about, look out for the ‘Creapure’ label:

I understand what you may be feeling when you read the sentence above. ‘Creatine is one of the best studied supplements on this planet, why would this guy write that it won’t work?’ Because apparently multiple studies confirm that.

Creatine is manufactured inside of your body and can also be consumed with animal products or supplements. Creatine pills are vegan supplements by the way. So why shouldn’t you take creatine supplements then?

Your body creates all creatine that it needs on it’s own. So if you suddenly start to use this vegan supplement, aka creatine, your body slows down the production. Why waste energy to produce this creatine stuff if I’m getting all that I need with this pill or powder anyway? If your body slows down the production, it will go back to baseline. No performance benefits at all. Yep you’re body seems to be lazy.

On top of that in 30% of the people creatine doesn’t work anyway. These people are so called nonresponders. That may be, because creatine may work only in people with lower creatine content and more muscle fiber, so your creatine pool inside of your body may be limited apparently.

And don’t forget that creatine may promote cancer. Wait what? Yes. A bacterium called E.coli turns Creatine into metabolites, which may promote cancer. E. Coli bacterias are found in mostly animal food and finds your way into your gut, where it may does some good harm.

So to answer all of your questions: Should you take creatine? Should you take creatine when cutting? Should you take creatine everyday? Should you take creatine before or after workout?

When you’re a meat eater you shouldn’t supplement creatine. There’s simply no need for it and you may not benefit from creatine, while taking all the risks. If you’re a vegan, that is looking to maximize it’s performance, then MAYBE.
Just realize that a healthy diet is an absolute must. Before you use any supplementation, get your diet right. Drink plenty of water and eat enough fruits and vegetables. And also, don’t forget to have a great day. 🙂

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