Not Worth Going Vegan for the Climate?

Going vegan won’t help the planet? Not worth it for the climate? All of these notions are based on the EPA’s figures for livestock emissions. Why are they drastically different than the FAO’s reports? Time to investigate.
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Blog talking about 4.5%:  

EPA breakdown of Emissions:  

Full EPA Report: 

Environmental Working Group Report:

Production Numbers: 
Beef – 27 billion lbs: 

Chicken – 48 billion lbs:

Milk – 151 billion lbs: 215 billion lbs x 0.70 because 30% is made into cheese: 

Cheese- 13 billion lbs:  

Pork – 27 billion lbs:  

Farmed Fish – 10 billion lbs:  

Eggs – 13 billion lbs: No production weight publicized, consumption x population:  

Turkey – 6 billion lbs:  

Lamb – 0.4 billion lbs: Based off consumption x population:  

Spreadsheet on Emissions Math:

Emissions of Other Countries:

FAO Beef Emissions:


Global Warming Potential of Methane:

Sequestration of Trees Paper:

Spreadsheet on Sequestration Math:

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