My Favorite Things From Trader Joe's! Vegan Food and Skincare

Today I take you with me to show you my favorite plant based foods, drinks, and cruelty free skin care at Trader Joe’s grocery store! Some of my favorite foods to buy there are the beefless beef, tofu, kale pesto, chocolate cat cookies, soy creamer, meatless meatballs and more! I love to buy their dried fruits, nuts and frozen veggies because it is the cheapest prices compared to other grocery stores around! All of Trader Joes skincare line is not tested on animals and I love their moisturizer and face wash. Let me know in the comments what your favorite things to buy from Trader Joes are!

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Im going to link some items to amazon incase you don’t have a TJ’s in your area and you want to check out some items I mentioned

face wash-


body lotion-

21 salute seasoning-

onion salt-

vegan chicken salt-

chocolate cat cookies-


goddess dressing-

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