►Try this Vegan bodybuilding Lentil Recipe with 75g of vegan protein, to build muscle on a vegan diet. Include vegan recipes like this into your plant-based diet to make Vegan Bodybuilding easy.
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In this video I show you a lentil recipe that’s perfect for vegan bodybuilding. It’s 75 Grams of vegan protein and I’ve been using it for the last 4 years to help me consistently build muscle on a vegan diet. It’s a quick and easy to prepare vegan recipe, perfect for getting enough protein on a plant based diet. This recipe has been a staple of my vegan bodybuilding diet for the last 4 years and I still eat it on a regular basis. The meal has over 75g of quality vegan protein, perfect for all kinds of vegan fitness, vegan bodybuilding and vegan running. The meal has 3 main ingredients, soy protein chunks, lentils, and rice.

Soy chunks have 50g of vegan protein per 100
Lentils have 25g of vegan protein per 100 grams (dry). Rice is also a great source of vegan protein.

I love using lentil recipes in my diet because they are easy to prepare, very high in vegan protein, and extremely cheap. Lentil recipes are a staple of many diets all around the world due to their many benefits – they are cheap, easy to prepare, extremely healthy, and very high in vegan protein. I hope that after watching the video, you give it a try and introduce more lentil recipes into your diet

As a vegan personal trainer and vegan coach, the biggest problem I see when people want to do a vegan transition or vegan body transformation is a lack of clarity. People who haven’t researched it don’t know where to get their vegan protein from, eventhough there is an absolute abundance of vegan protein (plant protein) on a vegan diet. People have a lack of clarity over which exercises are the best to get the biggest results in the least amount of time, and people have a lack of clarity over their goals. When I wanted to know ‘how do I go vegan?’ The first think I looked for was an answer to the questions, ‘where to vegans get protein?’ And ‘what do vegans eat?’ Once you know the answer to these questions, building a vegan bodybuilding diet filled with healthy vegan breakfast recipes, vegan lunche recipes and vegan dinner recipes becomes easy

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