Korean Tofu 4 Ways VEGAN Recipe + Mukbang: Soodubu, Tofu Salad, High Protein Meals/Snacks -Ep.#58

Today’s Korean Tofu Recipe includes SIMPLEST WAYS to enjoy this SUPER HIGH PROTEIN TOFU as HEALTHY SNACKS & MEALS.  Great way to curb that hunger with so-good-for-you high protein tofu with zero fat and minimal calories😉Full written recipe @https://bit.ly/2Do2J0E More Korean recipes @https://www.modernpepper.com/

This SUPER EASY Korean Tofu Recipe Includes:
– How To Make Soondubu (extra soft silken tofu) as Morning Tofu/Breakfast Tofu (enjoyed both warm and cold)
– How To Make Extra Firm Tofu with soy-sauce dipping sauce (enjoyed both warm or chilled)
– How To Make Soy-Sauce Dipping Sauce (GanJang YangYeom 간장 양념)
– How To Make Tofu Salad (low calorie recipe)
– How To Make Vegan Soy-Sauce Salad Dressing, using Soy-Sauce Dipping Sauce (GanJang YangYeom 간장 양념)
– Korean Tofu Mukbang: Tasting Show Of Each Tofu Dish
(Korean Vegan Recipes)

YES, these tofu dishes are my GO-TO-MEALS when I need to shed some pounds (a.k.a. get rid of my food-babies)…😂🤪🤣 Shhh🤫…DON’T TELL THE OTHERS BUT THESE TOFU RECIPES ARE MY SECRET DIET FOOD!!!

Full written recipe blog for today’s Korean Tofu recipe @https://bit.ly/2Do2J0E
Online links for Korean ingredients, detailed ingredient list, and recipe instructions are also available on this blog @https://bit.ly/2Do2J0E

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