Is olive oil healthy? Low-Fat Raw Vegan Diet with Durianrider

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Olive oil or any oil (coconut, palm, canola etc.) are 100% pure fat, refined and processed extracted from various types of plant foods. Organic oils are even as highly processed and refined and are 100% fat just like conventional oils. We see no oil out in natural and we do not see any processed packaged foods in nature. No bottles and no bags in nature either! This means we should be consuming only what comes from nature, which is raw fruits and vegetables (and on occasion nuts and seeds).

Durianrider “Harley Johnstone” answers the question “What about Olive Oil?” starting at 3:13 minutes.

Are plant oils healthy, though?

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Born and raised in Australia, Durianrider is now an international speaker, activist and athlete on a mission to increase public awareness of the benefits of a high carb, low fat raw/vegan lifestyle.

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