Epic Vegan Food in Bali Canggu/Seminyak | 3 New Vegan Restaurants

If you ever visit the Canggu or Seminyak area in Bali you have to try these 3 restaurants/cafes and taste their awesome vegan food. The food here is epic, yummy and so cheap!

There are many vegan restaurants and cafes in Bali, especially in Canggu and Seminyak. Since we were in Bali one year ago, so many new vegan restaurants and cafes have popped up! Most of them are Instagram friendly as well 😉 We chose these three 100% vegan restaurants/cafes because they are new and serve epic vegan food.

Anyhow, as I mention in the video, this is not how I typically eat in a day. We like to try out new vegan food though because it’s fun! What I do eat in a typical day is whole plant based food, which make me feel my best.

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