Does Keto, Paleo & Vegan Diets HARM Your Body (ANSWER)

BOOST Hormones That Metabolize Fat-Cells In Only ONE Day

So thanks for stopping on this. Now, here here’s the deal. If you’re on the ketogenic diet and you’ve been on it for over 14 days, maybe you’re thinking about the ketogenic diet or you know someone who’s been on the ketogenic diet, the facts are the facts. And let me explain a couple of things.

One, you have to consume 60% to 80% of your entire nutrition intake-, into the pie hole, you have to consume 60% to 80% of lard. Yes. You have to do that. That’s every single day in order for you to stay in ketosis. Now, ketosis is when you start using the fat in your body to burn fat.

Now, the problem is-, here’s the problem. And I’m going to give you a solution at the end of this. So stick with me. The problem is most people like me and my wife, we tried this diet, we failed at it. And here’s why.

One, you have to pretty much-, almost all carbs has to go away. You’re not allowed to have carbohydrates. You’re not allowed to have it. You can have 20% of protein. 20% now. Say that to yourself, 20%.

Because we all know that we need to consume protein to just maintain muscle mass. And lean muscle is very important for every one of us that’s like me, over the age of 40. I’m 46 years old. The last thing you want to do is get weaker and lose muscle.

It will happen if you’re on the ketogenic diet and you’re on it properly. Now, if you are able to do this and you’re the 1% of the world, God bless you. It’s amazing. High 5. Because you are the 1%.

But 99%, and I’m 1 of the 99%-, usually fail at the ketogenic diet. Or here’s the thing. It was made for people with epilepsy. And it wasn’t made for people to stay on for a long duration of time. So you cannot stay on the ketogenic diet for over 90 days anyways.

So you’re consuming, again, all that lard. You’re consuming up to 80% of that every single day. And only up to 20% of that is actual protein. In my book, and being in this industry for as long as I have, there would be people out there that right now will say that they’re able to do it. They’re the 1%.

So if you’re like me and you’re like my wife and almost everyone that I know, I only know 1 man that can stay on the ketogenic diet. And he’s just a phenom. If you are, then you know what? It’s not your fault. It’s not your fault at all. It’s just you’re just like the 99%.

So I have a solution for you, OK. Because that’s the problem. The solution to this, of boosting your growth hormone, boosting your metabolism, and defying the aging process is to reset your hormones. Because the hormones, when you’re over the age of 40, number 1, these fad diets are ruining people’s hormones. It’s just a fact.

Another fact that you can check, hormones is also an issue. So boosting metabolism and boosting your growth hormone, I have a 1-day solution. A 1-day solution that you can use as many days as needed to actually reset your hormones and start the metabolism back again, start getting that growth hormone to boost again, and then also defy the aging process. Because we all know we want to feel and we want to look not our age, but younger.


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