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In this episode of Abbey’s Kitchen, Abbey is reviewing Fully Raw Kristina What I Eat in a Day, from a few months ago.

Kristina claims that she’s not a “big advocate of diets” but at the same time she’s specifically advocating for Raw Vegan Low Sugar Meal Plans and is pushing her app which is not so accessible since it costs money, and pushes a lot of specific diets for health.

Abbey hates hearing that classic buzzword DETOX, specifically HEAVY METAL DETOX. PLEASE GO WATCH ABBEY’S VIDEO ON DETOX AND CLEANSES NOW.

Abbey can’t believe these portion sizes. Abbey is all about the veggies, but she’s missing out on the fibre for gut health and will help you feel satiated. And think about how expensive that juice is.

Abbey definitely doesn’t own enough Tupperware to take this veggie platter to work. This involves a lot of prep work just for a casual lunch for one day.

(9:10) Again, a crazy large salad bowl. Granted, Abbey loves a good salad and is loving these colours, but the portion sizes are a little out of whack and I’m not seeing a lot of balance. Abbey would love to see some protein to help fill you up and satisfy you. Abbey wants you to know that don’t think that you only have to eat vegetables to fill you up. The reality is there are a lot of other food components that will do a great job to satisfy you.

Based on our nutrition calculations, she’s getting approximately 2500 kcal. Kristina’s diet looks good from a macronutrient distribution but from a micronutrient distribution she’s getting about 52 servings of fruits and vegetables a day and the recommendation is 8-10 fruits and veg a day. Most north american adults struggle to get the 8-10/day and what Abbey sees Kristina can get in a day is not achievable for the average person and not recommended anything. This is a level of extreme and displacing other important vitamin and minerals.

Likely Kristina is low in vitamin D and vitamin B12. She is getting a lot of fibre from the veggie platter and salad, but she’s getting way more fibre than the recommendations which can cause cramping and bloating. In terms of cost, Kristina does a video where we talks about how you can eat vegan for $20 a day which really adds up ($600 a month for ONE PERSON).
Abbey is 100% all for a plant based diet, but Kristina’s diet is expensive, time consuming and just not balanced. There are a lot of ways to do plant based well and this is just not it. Also, Abbey takes issue with someone who claims they are against diet culture, yet their clean eating, detox rhetoric definitely interferes with people’s relationship with food.

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