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The Game Changers ⏩

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Have you heard of the Arnold vegan documentary? Probably not, especially if you don’t pay any attention to the plant based movement 🙂 But get this: Arnold Schwarzenegger – the godfather of modern bodybuilding – is an executive producer of a new documentary on the plant based diet called The Game Changers.

This truly is a game changer. Arnold Schwarzenegger has more sway in the muscle building / bodybuilding / weight lifting / gym-going culture than just about any other celebrity in the world. So when someone with a reputation like Arnold says “you don’t need to eat animal products for protein,” there’s bound to be a huge shift in the world of sports and athleticism.

My channel is all about an approachable method to fitness using bodyweight exercises and eating a plant predominant diet. So when I heard the news that Arnold was involved in a documentary about the whole foods plant based diet, I just had to bring the news to my audience.

I hope you guys find this short video interesting, entertaining and a bit surprising. I know I was surprised when I first heard the news!

Thanks for watching and stay tuned for more awesome plant based calisthenics videos!


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