World’s Fastest HIIT WORKOUT (Quick 4 Minute CARDIO CRUSHER!!)

30 Minute workouts that combine strength and cardio!

If you’re looking for a quick cardio workout, well, you’ve found it. This is the fastest HIIT workout you’ve ever seen, just 4 minutes of cardio, but it’s a great workout, and will help you burn belly fat and lose weight. This fast cardio workout is a great HIIT workout for when you’re short on time. It includes leg exercises, abs exercises and total body moves.

If you do just 2 rounds of each exercise, the workout comes out to just 3 minutes. Work your way up to 8 rounds of each exercise for a slightly long, but fast high intensity interval training workout.

First you’ll do 8 rounds of 20 seconds each of jump squats, with 10 seconds of rest in between each round. This is a great leg exercise. Next, you’ll do 8 rounds of 20 seconds each of burpees with 10 seconds of rest in between each round. Finally we’ve got an ab exercise, the bicycle, which we’ll also do for 8 rounds of 20 seconds each with 10 seconds of rest in between.

Blast fat with this quick and effective HIIT workout. Let us know how many rounds you were able to do! If you’re interested in all the best tips and exercises to strengthen and tone every muscle group in your body, head over to to get your Athlean-XX for Women fitness and nutrition program today. Get a sexy chest lift, not to mention amazing abs, back, shoulders, arms and legs in just 90 days!

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