(Workout #39) LOW IMPACT CARDIO workout.

52 year old heavy lifting enthusiast. Following 17 years of doing STRICTLY CARDIO work …. and getting NOWHERE with my physique, I began lifting when I was 45 years old with 8 lb dumbbells.

Through self-taught and researched progressive overload training, I now regularly deadlift 225 lb (conventional). I work through osteoporosis in my spine and hips, knee surgery, and moderate scoliosis.

My body went into early menopause in my 20s due to a total hysterectomy. I have been OFF hormone therapy since age 32 due to cancer risks. I do NOT LIFT TO BE SKINNY. Having severely reduced hormones makes this near impossible. Instead, I lift to be STRONG.

Only when I began lifting, at age 45, did my body FINALLY respond to working out.
Beginner modification friendly routines to more advanced workouts. Small space friendly. Dumbbells, kettlebells, step bench and a weight plate is all you need to do most of my videos at home.

I do NOT tell you what to do. I do NOT create programs. I simply show you what I do in the gym to remain strong. Take what information you wish and may it help you reach your fitness goals.
Please join me. I’d LOVE to have you!


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