The Exercise Myth (How Less Exercise Can You Get Away With/ Fitness Secrets Exposed)

This video talks about the various exercise myths that revolve around being fit and healthy.

The most common misconceptions about health and fitness are that you need to do mainly slow steady state cardio, exercise for many hours and that lifting weights will make you bulky.

I’m outlining the opposite to that, by showing that it’s possible to get even better results by having a minimalist approach to exercise. Based on this information, there are no excuses to not having enough time for exercise.

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Table of contents:
Difference Between Exercise and Training – 01:53
The Most Important Variables of Training – 04:33
The Body’s Energy Systems – 06:03
Black Hole Training – 08:40
High Intensity Interval Training – 12:40
High Intensity Resistance Training – 15:52
Muscle Fibers in Skeletal Muscle – 16:15
The Most Minimalistic Exercise Protocol – 19:16
The Myths of Resistance Training – 24:51
Is High Intensity Training Better For Fat Loss? – 27:12
Nutrition is More Important Than Exercise – 29:39
Concluding Remarks – 33:38

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