Swimming Pilates Exercise – Niedra Gabriel

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Muscle Focus: Back extensors.
Objective: Strengthen back extensors and increase spinal extension.

Start Position: Lie flat on your stomach with arms extended straight by the ears and legs extended and together (for less advanced practitioners, keep legs hip-width apart).

Movement: Pull the abdominals to spine and float the arms and legs off the Mat. Gaze slightly in front of the body on the Mat keeping the back of the neck lengthened. Lift right arm and left leg towards the ceiling. Lower right arm and left leg as the left arm and right leg lift towards the ceiling. Switch. Increase the tempo until opposite arm and leg flutter.

Precautions: Keep the shoulders pulling away from the ears. Eliminate strain in the lower back by pulling the abdominals in towards the spine. Maintain torso and pelvis stability as the arms and legs move.

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