Step Hero 1 of 6 – How to do Step Aerobics – Learn to Step Program Beginner

I’m so excited to share with you my newest learn to step program called, STEP HERO. It’s the first ever comprehensive learn to step / how to do step aerobics program, of it’s kind. A true labor of love, it’s been years in the making!

I’m releasing the first of six Step Hero workouts here on my YouTube channel so participants can get a taste of this fantastic program! Download the complete program here:

As you progress through each of the SIX WORKOUTS, you’ll be taught the best safety measures to use,the basic fundamentals of step moves and language as well as the beginning step moves that’ll get you on your way to becoming a Step Hero.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn to step, or brush up on your skills, look no further.

My step lover’s know that step takes the “dread” out of exercising and gives you a total mind/body workout. There are So. Many. Benefits. to Step!

A few benefits that I love are improved bone-density, balance, agility, coordination, and mood. Step helps boost your metabolism, speeds up fat loss, and lowers risk of heart disease and high blood pressure. It also combats depression, stress, and anxiety. And it’s so much fun!

You’ll begin this workout with a march on the floor behind your step bench. All the moves in this workout will keep your body facing forward for the entire time. Learn foundational step moves: Basics and V-step. You’ll begin with your right leg as your lead leg or in other words you’ll be in a Right, Left, Right, Left moving pattern following along with the beat of the music. Eventually you’ll switch to you left leg as your lead leg, where you’ll be in a Left, Right, Left, Right moving pattern again following along with the tempo of the music. This will keep your body muscularly balanced, which is a huge benefit of step. Next, lift steps will be introduced: Knee Lifts, Ham Curls, Front Kicks, Leg Back (arabesque), and Side Legs. Finish off with a march on the floor, simple step touches, and then an easy stretch targeting the muscles you worked.

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