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NUDIST ART RESORT – INSTAGRAM.com/LandOFiD (Just North of Tampa Florida 813-996-6008)
– YOUTUBE.com/c/LandOFiD


MY ART – ETSY.com/shop/SteamPunkArtEmporium
MY ART PIPES – EBAY.com/usr/XZanthia

I was born in 1979 in Lawrence Mass. I loved all over the USA with my Mother till I moved from California to Florida to live with my father in 1991 age 11. I barely attended school before age 11 because of our unstable home life. I started my love for art as soon as i learned how to use my hands and both my parents encouraged me as a child even though i lived with my mom 3-11 and father 11-18 other then a few years off and on in foster care before age 11. Once I moved to the nudist resort in Land o Lakes Florida with my father I attended day, night and summer school to try to catch up with the education of my peers. Depression has been a constant companion however I combat it with productivity.
I was in my first movie in 1998 and continued to act in horror and sci-fi movies till present day. in 1999 I joined the rock band The Impotent Sea Snakes and I toured with them every few months for a few months for 12 years. In 2001 I moved to Denver Colorado where I opened a art gallery “Gallery XZanthia” that i owned till 2007 when I moved back to Florida to take over the family business, “my fathers nudist resort”. after much resistance and difficulty between the views and personalities of my father and I, I gave up dreams of the resort and moved to St Pete Florida and got a house with my boyfriend PJ in 2014. It was then that i went to school to become a massage therapist. Once I was licensed in 2017 I could generate the income with my clinic to help levitate the transfer of the resort from my father to I.
In 2017 my father and I started building a museum on the property of the nudist resort. He has two Guinness Books World Records. one for most antique camera and other most antique projectors. Previous to this he had collected a ton of other items and restored several classic cars which are all in the museum.
During all of this i was constantly creating art of all types and my steampunk sculptures have become popular. “links above”. we now have a floating building on the lake here at the resort where I have my art, as well as in the office, clubhouse, massage room and other locations around the world.
2017 was also the year I started transforming my fathers “Riverboat Nudist Resort” to our now “Land Of iD” and I am building large concrete, metal, glass and mosaic sculptures all over the 5 acres for the rest of my life. 2020, we had started the art projects around the resort. 2017-2020 was spend rebuilding, cleaning and updating which still continues to this day.
2020 my friend for 20 years, Mr Tank moved to the resort. I built him a recording studio so that we could do music together. So now most every morning 6-9am we record together. and i am loving life! thank you depression for keeping me on my toes!!

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