Mummy Tummy Workouts – Postpartum Ab Exercises – Diastasis Recti Safe Workout

The best exercises to flatten your stomach, eliminate mummy tummy, and heal diastasis recti at home! In this at-home workout Dr Beckstrand demonstrates the best postpartum ab exercises to strengthen your core after pregnancy. No matter if you call it a “mommy pooch”, “mommy pouch”, “mommy tummy”, or “mummy tummy” – this is a great workout to safely and effectively tone and strengthen you core.

This workout is actually PHASE 1 of an entire six phase workout program that I have put together to flatten your “mommy tummy“ and heal diastasis recti. This is the same workout progression that got my wife her incredible results and the same program that has helped hundreds of my patients increase core strength and heal their abdominal separation. To learn more about it and to pick up your program today, please visit this link:


What is Mummy Tummy?
“Mommy tummy“, “mom pooch“, “mom belly“ and “mummy tummy“ are all different phrases referring to the same common issue. This is that extra 10–15 residual pounds that tends to hang out around a woman’s midsection after giving birth. Oftentimes this is due to increased fat in this area, core muscle weakness, and/or abdominal separation.

How To Heal Mummy Tummy
When we talk about healing mummy tummy, it’s crucial that we mention one key factor – it’s IMPOSSIBLE to spot-treat fat. That means that you can’t do one exercise and expect to lose fat in one specific area. For example doing lots of core exercises won’t help to eliminate fat in your stomach. It will definitely help to tone and strengthen your muscles in this area, but you’ll never be able to tell if they’re hidden under a layer of abdominal fat.

Your approach to healing your mommy pooch must be threefold:
1) The RIGHT core exercises with a regular progression.
2) Increase your daily activity
3) Clean up your eating.

You have to not only tone your stomach through the proper core exercises, but you have to supplement that with weight loss/fat burn (eating clean and regular cardio activity). This approach will tone and strengthen your abs and will also ensure those results will be noticed!

This approach is the entire premise behind our “Mommy Tummy Fix” program. You get 6 digital ebooks including a core workout progression, healthy menu plan, cardio activity guide, video demonstrations, a “daily checklist”, and MORE! You can learn more about this entire program at this link:

When we talk about core strength and abs exercises we often think sit ups, crunches, and planks. These are highly effective exercises at activating one very specific abdominal muscle (the rectus abdominis), but NOT what you should be doing after pregnancy… especially if you have a diastasis recti condition.

You should actually AVOID anything that strenuously activates this muscle so you can give it a chance to heal. To learn more about the “WHICH EXERCISES TO AVOID AFTER PREGNANCY – AND WHAT TO DO INSTEAD” check out this video:

The BEST postpartum ab exercises are those that activate the transverse abdominis muscle and then progress around this contraction. This is the muscle that you activate to draw your navel in towards your spine. It’s the “corset” muscle that helps stabilize your spine and trim down your waistline. The stronger this muscle the tighter it becomes – thereby shrinking your waistline and helping to eliminate “mommy tummy”.

The exercises presented in this video are PHASE ONE exercises and are centered around teaching your how to properly and effectively contract this muscle. We then build upon this progression with each subsequent phase of “The Mommy Tummy Fix” program.

The exercises contained in this video include:
1. Posterior pelvic tilt with transverse abdominis contraction/bracing.
2. Pelvic tilt and brace with a march
3. Pelvic tilt and brace with ball squeeze and Kegel
4. Bridges
5. Sidelying hip abduction
6. Sidelying hip adduction

The right exercises performed the right way, when combined with the right activity and clean eating, are the fastest way to eliminate “mummy tummy”, increase core strength, and help you to accomplish your goals!

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