Morning Fitness Routine – Pilates Inspired | Stretch, & My Light Ab & Butt Workout | Sanne Vloet

My Morning Body Maintenance + NO EQUIPMENT Fitness Routine – Pilates Inspired | How I Stretch & Warm Up My Body, Light & Non-Intense AB & BUTT Workout, The Routine I Use When I Am Traveling For Modeling, Time Saver | Sanne Vloet

Hey guys,

Let’s take a deep breath to start the day! I’ve said this before, but I’ve fallen in love with yoga this summer! It’s now a part of my morning routine right after I drink my glass of water and before I have my first healthy meal of the day. Wellness and health are defined by more than just what you put into your body, but also how you maintain, love, and cherish your body. Has anyone heard Marie Kondo talk about how you should appreciate your possessions? If you haven’t, Marie speaks about gratitude & appreciating everything you have. I’ve started to do this with my body, I start everyday by waking up and giving my body the proper love it deserves. If you feel like your body could use some more love then make it a priority EVERYDAY guys.

I’m not sure how many of you have seen the little yoga flow I shared on IG (, but i filmed that video in the same place as this one. My family and I were at the lodge on our safari when all of a sudden a giant family of elephants came by the watering hole and decided to get really friendly! It was a wonderful experience and I could feel the elephants eyes following my movements as I went through my flow. I’ve heard of goat yoga, but I don’t think anyone has tried elephant yoga yet! I can’t wait to share the vlogs from my trip. I’m trying to decide if i should share all three in one week so you guys get an extra video on the channel! It’s been the most amazing trip and now Max, my family, and myself will have these amazing memories of being surrounded by beautiful creatures in the African Bush!

For the next few weeks I wanted to ask for some help planning out content! I want to add some more fashion to the page and I’m going to be doing more with food! I’m super excited because I am going to be filming with Pick Up Limes who I’ve admired so much since I discovered her on Youtube when I first started.

The questions for you are what would you like to see more of as we enter the fall? More fashion vlogs or content around fashion week, or how I eat and prepare for fashion week in NYC and Europe? Of course I will do both, but I’d like to read what you’d enjoy more of and why!

I hope you guys have all subscribed or already part of the SQUAD, so don’t forgot to turn on your post notifications so you don’t miss anything on the channel. I can’t wait to get back to creating more with you guys and taking things to the next level!

Sending you guys love this morning!



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