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Partial transcript:
Hi. I’m Kristin Shaffer, founder of Figure & Bikini, and today we’ll be…what, what is this about? What? You can’t stay on camera one? What’s the deal? So today we’ll be talking about…what? Oh, great. Now you go to camera three. You can’t stay on camera one, you know, this is going to irritate our viewers. It’s not a really good idea. I really don’t appreciate you…what. Oh, yeah. Sure. Now where’d you go? Where…oh. What? What is this? Oh, gosh. Now I got to turn around. This is not cool, okay? This is just really not cool.

This week’s question comes in from Katy, and Katy writes, “Dear Kristin. When I first start on my diet plan I’m really motivated, but very shortly thereafter, a few weeks into it I tend to lose my motivation and I don’t know what to do. Do you have any advice? Love, Katy.” Katy, this is a wonderful question. As long as we continue to look at this as a diet and not a lifestyle, then it is going to be very difficult to stay motivated. Think about, when you are not on your diet and you’re eating just whatever you want to eat, you really don’t think about it, right? It’s not difficult to do. You just go get your sub or you get your salad, or whatever it is that you’re eating that day, a McDonald’s hamburger. You don’t think about it. It’s not difficult. Then when you go on your “diet,” as you call it, well it becomes difficult because you’re having to think about it all the time. It’s not natural. It’s not automatic. Now, once you’ve done something for a long time it becomes automatic over time, right? Think about when you brush your teeth every day. You don’t really think about it. You just reach for the toothbrush because you know where it is, and you grab the toothpaste, and you brush your teeth. It’s not really a conscious thought process that you’re going through. Well same holds true for a diet and exercise lifestyle. In fact, it has been proven that it takes approximately 66 days for a new habit to take hold and become automatic. The more days that you eat clean and exercise, the more it becomes automatic. You don’t have to think about it and you just do what you need to do. So, Katy, there are three things that I want you to do that will help you. First, I want you to change your mindset. You can’t think about this as a “diet.” You can’t think about this as a temporary part of your life. It needs to be a lifestyle. Once you’ve embraced that idea, it becomes more automatic and more part of who you are, not just something that you do. Second, what’s really helpful is to establish a goal. Now what I personally like to do is to schedule a figure or bikini competition for myself. It’s great motivation knowing that I have that date coming up and I need to get to a certain body fat percentage in order to achieve that. But your goal may be a photo shoot, or it might be a wedding that’s coming up, or a particular vacation that you’re going to take. Whatever that goal is I think it’s really important to set those goals and stick to them and keep them in front of you at all times. The third thing that I want you to do is to create a reward for yourself for achieving your objective. So if you set a 12-week goal to achieve a certain body percentage, well I want you to reward yourself with something when you reach that goal. Now, I don’t want it to be something like cake or junk food. You hear about a lot of people that that’s what they’re looking forward to when they’ve gotten through their 12-week competition prep, for instance. Well my personal opinion, I don’t think that’s a very good idea because it’s self-sabotaging. It’s not encouraging your goal, it’s actually sabotaging your goal. It’s not a reinforcement. A great goal to have would be to take a fitness vacation after a competition, or buy yourself a new outfit, or get a new bikini, or a new workout outfit. Reward yourself with something that’s reinforcing your new lifestyle.

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