HIIT Ab Burner Workout (Cardio 15 MINS)


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HIIT Ab Burner Workout (15 MINS) | Flat Stomach | Intense Cardio Ab Workout

Welcome back, guys!

This week we are doing a HIT ab circuit. These exercises I have added into this routine are aimed to focus on the ab muscles and get the heart rate up to burn calories. In total, this routine is 15 mins and each exercise will be performed a total of 45 seconds with a 15-second break. I love doing Tabata style HIT circuits as they are quick, but super effective in burning calories and toning your muscles. The exercises included are:

– Half Burpees
– Prisoner Sit-Ups
– High Knee Shuffles
– Squat Oblique Crunches
– Power Knees
– Crunches
– Bicycles
– High Knee Twists
– Spider Crunches
– Reverse Crunch
– Cross Crunches
– Plank Crunch
– Single Leg Reverse Dead Lift
– Hip Dips

Hope you enjoy!

Love, Holly xx

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Disclaimer: I am not a PT, this is just a huge passion of mine and I love sharing the exercises that have helped to get me in shape


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