Blast Belly Fat with V-Ups – Easy Truck Driver Exercise

Fat buildup around the midsection is quite common in truck drivers today. Don’t be one of them! And if you are, lets do something about it. Today we discuss a workout technique that will help you burn off some of that extra weight and that could eventually give you those six pack abs that you’ve always wanted. Just watch the video and Derek will show you how to do it!

Derek focuses in on some workout and exercise routines that can be easily performed out on the road with little or no equipment needed. All of the equipment we use in the segment is designed to be easily accessible and convenient for life on the truck. This series is dedicated to you, the trucker out there that is concerned about his health or who is dedicated to improving it. We will give you exercise tips and advice that will help you to stay healthy as a trucker out on the road and hopefully help to improve your quality of life.

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