Beginner 10 Minute Upper Body + Cardio Workout #1

Never worked out before? Just getting back into it? These 10 minute workouts are just what your body needs to get started! We’re working on form and taking things slow so you can build up to more challenging workouts.

14 exercises (30 second on/15 seconds rest)

Equipment Used:
Light Dumbbells (optional)


1) Push-Ups (modified)
2) Supine Chest Flys
3) Supine Chest Presses
4) High Marches

5) Front Raises
6) Side Raises
7) Seated Shoulder Presses
8) Knee Up + Kick Out (Alt)

9) Chair Pose Flys
10) Chair Pose Rows
11) Upright Rows
12) Modified Jumping Jacks

13) 10 Fast Feet + Pause
14) 2 Switch Feet + 2 Knee Pulls


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