3 Minute LEG Workout – 6 BEST Exercises for STRONG, SEXY LEGS

*SEXY legs in only 3 MINUTES! Heck yes! With these 6 BEST TOP leg exercises you will build GORGEOUS GAMS! Here is an awesome 3 Minute LEG Workout with the 6 BEST Exercises for SEXY LEGS, check it out!*

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Do you want the sexiest legs at the beach? Do you also want STRONG, SHAPELY legs that are simply GORGEOUS? Do you wan to get all this in one QUICK workout/ . Then you are going to want to be doing these BEST 6 leg exercises as part of your LEG WORKOUT day!

These really are the the 6 best leg exercises to include into your leg day training if you want SEXIER LEGS! In this video Vania perfectly demonstrates proper form and technique of the following exercises:

The exercises are:
Weighted Kneeling Step Ups
Weighted Forward Lunges
Weighted Romanian Deadlifts
Weighted Box Squats
Weighted Standing Calf Raises
Weighted Jump Squats

Perform each exercise for 25 seconds with a 5 second rest in between. BOOM! You just completed the 3 MINUTE LEG WORKOUT!

You want more? Okay . . .

Now you can do all 6 of these as a stand alone leg workout. Or you may want to pick from these 6 BEST Exercises for STRONG, SEXY LEGS & include any of them into your leg day training program. Whatever you decide, just DO THESE and you will have SEXY, STRONG legs!

When incorporating these exercises make sure you are targeting that 10-12 rep range or 30 seconds of reps & complete 3-4 sets for the BEST RESULTS!

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