(#16) Amy’s Cardio Workout

Amy’s Cardio Workouts.

Medical Disclaimer: As always; before doing an exercise program or workout, please consult with a doctor or a healthcare professional first. Please discontinue workout f you experience any symptoms of weakness, unsteadiness, light-headedness or dizziness, chest pain or pressure, nausea, or shortness of breath. Mild soreness after exercise may be experienced after beginning a new exercise. Contact your physician if the soreness does not improve after 2-3 days.

Do proper stretching and warm-up before and a cool-down after.

Songs used:
DEAF KEV – Invincible [NCS Release]

Tobu – Hope [NCS Release]

Elektronomia – Sky High [NCS Release]

Jim Yosef – Eclipse [NCS Release]

Disfigure – Blank [NCS Release]

Tobu – Infectious [NCS Release]


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