Why we sometimes fail on a Ketogenic Diet

**Disclosure. I am not advocating the Ketogenic diet is for everybody or anybody. I am on the diet and can only speak for myself. Anyone who wishes to commence on this diet should seek medical advice or see a medical physician for assessment prior to

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Make sure that you’re drinking enough water and salt
Do your research beforehand to ensure that you’re ready to jump into a drastic new diet. Better still seek medical advise from a doctor who specializes in keto.
Keep track of how many “keto-snacks” you indulge in. High-fat snacks will guarantee that you surpass your caloric goal during the day and that’s where the extra weight and stagnant progress comes in.
Track the amount of protein that you comsume ie; 1 gram of protein for ever kg of body weight eg 100kg =100 grams of protein.
Get macronutrients into your diet and, just like with your green veggies, don’t skip out on them.
don’t be discouraged by the “Keto Flu’ this will pass.
It’s important to remember that the keto diet isn’t like other diets in that you need to consume keto snacks and think that this won’t inhibit your weight loss. This is a diet that requires a lot of changes work and effort to calculate and measure everything you eat in a day whiich is curcial if you want to reach your goals.

As soon as you figure out whether you want to pursue the keto diet is when you can prepare yourself and embark on your new journey!


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