What I eat In A Day Dealing with sickness on Keto

097 What I eat In A Day — Dealing with sickness on Keto… I have a very bad sinus infection that has made me get laryngitis at the same time. Going out into public for shopping has become very hard due to the fact that I sound ill. So we only go when absolutely necessary. I’ve decided to show the types of things you can make with what you have in your refrigerator and cupboards. Eggs have become a very big problem because people are hoarding everything they can find. I totally understand this and we must all work with what our local stores carry as well as what we have on hand.

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090 Weight Loss // Steak // What I Eat In A Day // Keto Diet …. A full day of eating Keto even though we are doing partial Carnivore.


What I’m trying to cover in my video series is shown below… If you want to find out more info on any of these write me at the above email address.

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