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Chocolate peppermint chia pudding keto diet recipe. Vegan.🌱 Low-carb. Sugar-free. Dairy-free. Here’s a quick keto chocolate fix that will take under 10 minutes to make. This pudding tastes like an after-dinner chocolate mint with a grainy texture and a fraction of the carbs. No dairy is used in this recipe, which means no animals were harmed in order to satisfy your cravings. A vegan diet is a high vibrational, consciousness-elevating diet. Food sourced from tortured and slaughtered animals is for the uncompassionate and spiritually/mentally dead. Go vegan and evolve … or simply get “left behind”.

This vegan keto recipe makes 3 servings of chocolate peppermint chia pudding. Each serve of pudding contains 241 calories, 17.5g fat, 10.7g protein, and 1.5g net carbs.

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