Ketogenic Diet Reduces Performance in Power Athletes

Few things are one size fits all. Especially diets. New research has linked the ketogenic diet to decreases in peak performance for some athletes.

In the first ever OPP solo-cast, I’ll discuss this research, what it means for us, and for power athletes, the best applications of the ketogenic diet, and how my 8-month experiment with being keto caused a 20-25% drop in strength.

We’ll look at the benefits of ketosis and how we can hack the ketogenic diet to reap the benefits while avoiding some of the common drawbacks.

Study Results on Performance:

– VO2 Max DECREASED 2.4%
– Peak Power DECREASED 4.1%
– Grip Strength INCREASED 2.5%

Study Results on Biomarkers

– 3% reduction in blood glucose
– 20% reduction in insulin
– 22% reduction in IGF-1


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