KETOGENIC DIET Meal Plan :Full 5-Week Keto Meal Plan For Beginners (Part 2 )

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KETOGENIC DIET Meal Plan :Full 5-Week Keto Meal Plan For Beginners (Part 1)
Ketogenic diet is a low-carb diet plan that has helped many women and men to lose up to 15-18 pounds in five weeks. This unconventional diet plan requires you to be on a high-fat (60%-75%), moderate-protein (15%-30%) and very low-carb (5%-10%)diet. Here is the science behind the success of this high-fat diet.
Carbs and proteins get converted to glucose in the body, but not fats! Excess glucose gets converted into fat. But, in the case of the ketogenic diet, the body is deprived of carbs or proteins, leaving the body no choice but to utilize fat as the energy source. Since fat cannot be converted to glucose, it is converted into ketone molecules. This process is known as ketosis. When ketosis kicks in, ketones are used instead of carbohydrate or sugar for fuel. This helps the body to burn the stored fat and lose weight.
You will be totally amazed to see the results. But you have to stick to the plan till you reach your goal, otherwise, ketosis will stop and you will stop burning fat.

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