Keto Nut Milk Recipe

We’re big believers in a gut-healthy ketogenic diet plan!

Eating a diverse array of low-carb, plant-based foods is arguably one of the best ways to improve the health of your microbiome and metabolism.

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Why this Course?

A big mistake many folks make when they first get into keto is eating too much animal fat.

Extra butter on pretty much everything and packing away the bacon—well, that often gets overdone.

Heck—it’s low-carb, right?

Yes, but … ask anyone who’s spoken to a micriobiome researcher in the last decade, and they’ll tell you animal fats and processed oils are a recipe for endotoxin absorption.

(Cream, butter and oils are often the agents used in studies to cause gut inflammation and absorption of inflammatory bacteria particles that, in turn, crank up inflammation and insulin resistance in the body … oops.)

Should we be surprised when people say, “I tried keto but it didn’t work for me …”? Or, “I actually gained weight on a ketogenic diet.”?

Keeping the above science in mind, my wife and I constantly remind our members to focus on “plant-based” fats.

Avocados, coconut and unfrosted nuts (cashews, walnuts, macadamia, etc…) are some.

Unlike animal fats that seem to be so popular nowadays, plant fats don’t cause endotoxin absorption—which is a good thing if you’re trying to get more fat-adapted.

Eating nuts by the handful, though … that can get boring.

Deanna’s created some amazing nut milk and nut butter recipes as well as coconut puddings that can help add some pizzazz to your low-carb diet.

(Remember, variety in your food is key to bacterial diversity in your gut, which translates into more stability and resistance among the bugs and better health overall.)

Here’s an example recipe from the eCourse and eBook that teaches you how to transform boring walnuts into yummy-tasting nut milk (that’s free of preservatives and gums that accompany store-bought varieties).

These nut milks are a staple to have around—especially when you’re transitioning off dairy, which is generally advisable.

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Plant fats are the way to go,

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