Keto Macadamia Bread Recipe || Fat Bread Recipe from The Magic Pill

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Nutritional Values per Loaf: calories 3,183 carbs 25 (fibre 44) fat 309 protein 70


150g / 5.3oz Macadamia Nuts
or Macadamia Butter

220g / 7.76oz Coconut Butter (also known as Manna)

6g / 0.2oz Baking Soda

3g / 0.1oz Pink Himalayan Salt

60ml / 2fl oz Lemon Juice

5 eggs (circa 50g each)


Batter Bowl

Silicone Spatula

Loaf Tin

Coconut Oil Spray

Hand Mixer

High Speed Blender (to make nut butter)

This is the bread recipe we saw in The Magic Pill made by Sara. I found her original recipe on her website but unfortunately, the website has some security issue so I decided to remake it. Took two attempts as the baking soda / ammonia smell that sometimes happens in keto baking happened here, so the amount of acid to counteract the alkaline was too little for my attempt, took the second one with twice as much lemon juice to make it work, but it’s worth it and a very simple recipe.


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